Delayed Allergy and Hypersensitivity Testing

Revolutionary blood tests that analyze the lymphocytes, the body’s long lived, memory-carrying white blood cells that indicate health and disease in the body.

The only tests that measure all three types of delayed sensitivity reactions through lymphocyte activation:

  • Reactive antibody (IgA, IgM, and IgG)
  • Immune complexes
  • T cell direct activation

This test can measure against over 480 substances, foods, food additives, food coloring, medicinal herbs, chemicals, preservatives and more.

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Are you poisoning your body?

Type one reactions –IgE reactions are obvious. You will know you have a reaction because your body suffers a notable and almost instant reaction often referred to as anaphylaxis.

Type two – toxic reactions are covered by the delayed allergy testing reports

Which foods are toxic?

Different foods break down at different speeds, causing different toxic reactions depending upon the food and your personal body chemistry. Therefore, without scientific testing, it is very difficult to judge which foods cause which reactions and when.

What happens after the test?

A comprehensive report detailing your toxic foods, including a personal wallet-sized list will be generated. Most people find that the food that they eat regularly or an ingredient in a product that they use regularly is actually what is toxic to their system. Therefore, they will be poisoning themselves multiple times a week.

What benefits can you expect?

The most notable point will be that you will feel much better. Some rid themselves of lifelong conditions like chronic migraines (which are almost always caused by food toxicity). Some people feel a tremendous boost in energy, sex drive and general increase in mental acuity. Others notice that their constant irritability is gone. Each person will be different in what it affects, but wholly a person will feel much better

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