Did you know that our gut health is connected to the development of diseases and cancers?

Our gut, mainly large intestines, is home to 100 trillion mixture of “good” and “bad” bugs, best referred to as the gut microbiome. That’s enough to cover a tennis court! Our gut feeds information to the rest of our body so having a well-balanced, healthy-functioning microbiome is essential to achieving optimal  health! And how exactly do we attain a healthy gut?

Having a clear analysis of exactly what is going on in the gut!

The gut pathogen microbiome (stool) test offers just that. This diagnostic tool will test for bacteria, viruses, parasites, or fungi that may be causing infection and various chronic symptoms you’ve been experiencing. A better understanding of the individual’s gut microbiota helps us personalize a treatment plan and preventative measures to best fit your healing journey.



Does my insurance cover this test?

In most cases, insurance will cover the GI Effects Diagnostic test. There is payment due at the time of service; depending on which lab the Doctor recommends that will vary from $75-$171.

What’s the procedure?

Based on Doctor’s index of suspicion, a one-day (low suspicion) or two-day (high suspicion) stool sample will be collected by the client. Sample will be collected in tubes, preserved (frozen) and sent in for testing.

How long until I get my results?

In general, it may take 3 to 4 days; parasite testing takes longer to be completed